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Industry Leaders Launch Embedded Linux Consortium

Mar 9th, 06:57 UTC

Nearly 50 companies attend organizing meeting, create formation committee, appoint interim leadership, provide initial funding

March 9, 2000, San Jose, CA - Responding to the rising tide of interest in using the Linux operating system in embedded applications, representatives from dozens of embedded technology firms today announced formation of the Embedded Linux Consortium, or ELC, a vendor-neutral trade association dedicated to the advancement of Linux-based solutions in embedded applications. Today's announcement resulted from an organizational meeting held at the Embedded Systems Conference in Chicago, March 1, by representatives from nearly 50 companies.

The group established a formation committee, appointed interim leadership and adopted an aggressive timetable for formally instituting the ELC as a highly proactive embedded Linux advocacy organization. Funds for the ELC's operation will be based on a schedule of annual dues, which will be developed in the next 30 days. At the meeting, over $100,000 was pledged towards initial funding. Rick Lehrbaum was named interim chairman and Murry Shohat was appointed interim executive director. Lehrbaum is known for his work in establishing the PC/104 Consortium. Shohat is a marketing consultant with extensive trade association experience.

"The initial intentions for the ELC are very clear," said interim chairman Lehrbaum. "Linux is now the fastest growing operating system for server applications. The embedded computer market -- which absorbs more than 95% of all microcomputer chips minted each year -- is the next frontier. The goal of the ELC will be to amplify the depth, breadth, and speed of Linux adoption in the enormous embedded computer market."

Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux, said "this new Embedded Linux Consortium is an expression of the current explosion of interest in using Linux in thousands of specialized embedded, mobile, and appliance applications. The ELC provides a valuable resource in advancing the growing use of Linux in embedded applications, an area where Linux can provide enormous benefit."

Paul Zorfass, senior analyst with IDC/FTI, said "Linux has shown the strongest market share growth rate in the bandwidth- and performance-driven server market. Linux is now beginning to establish a presence in the diverse embedded market where its reliability, modularity, scalability, configurability and low cost are extremely attractive. The new Embedded Linux Consortium comes at just the right moment to aid in accelerating the emerging trend of using Linux as the OS within a wide range of intelligent appliances and embedded systems."

The broad corporate participation in the ELC organizational meeting underscores the exploding interest in using Linux in a wide range of embedded applications and intelligent appliances. The organization will serve to facilitate development of common messages on using Linux in the fast-emerging world of Internet appliances, unattended systems, wireless access, home networks, set-top boxes, and a myriad of other embedded system applications. "Because Linux is open source, it lowers critical barriers of cost, time and risk, making it an ideal software platform for embedded applications," said Lehrbaum.

Formation committee members, representing firms ranging from startups to Global 500 computer hardware and software companies, include Accelent Systems Inc.; Aisys Inc.; Cendio Systems; Centura Software Corporation; Coollogic; IBM; Infomatec IAS GmbH; Lineo; LinuxDevices.com; Lynx Real-time Systems, Inc.; Microtronix Datacom Ltd.; MontaVista Software, Inc.; Moreton Bay; Motorola Computer Group; NewMonics, Inc.; OpenSystems Publishing; QNX Software Systems Ltd.; Red Hat, Inc.; TimeSys Corporation; Transvirtual Technologies, Inc.; Troll Tech; Wind River Systems, Inc.

A membership application is located at http://www.linuxdevices.com/files/consortium/ELCapplication.pdf. For membership and general information, please contact Murry Shohat at 707-576-0111, or .

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