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The Linux Bootdisk HOWTO

Tom Fawcett ()

v3.6, January 2000

This document describes how to design and build your own boot/root diskettes for Linux. These disks can be used as rescue disks or to test new system components. If you haven't read the Linux FAQ and related documents, such as the Linux Installation HOWTO and the Linux Install Guide, you should not be trying to build boot diskettes. If you just want a rescue disk to have for emergencies, see Appendix Pre-made bootdisks.

1. Preface.

2. Introduction.

3. Bootdisks and the boot process.

4. Building a root filesystem.

5. Choosing a kernel.

6. Putting them together: Making the diskette(s).

7. Troubleshooting, or The Agony of Defeat.

8. Miscellaneous topics.

9. How the pros do it.

10. Frequently asked question (FAQ) list.


11. Resources and pointers

12. LILO boot error codes.

13. Sample rootdisk directory listings.

14. Sample utility disk directory listing.

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