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  SBC & PC/104


3iLinux has developed a Universal Internet Box (UIB), allowing companies and individuals to develop their own applications by adding just standards Linux software. Hardware consists of 386 processor, one LAN adapter, one SLIC-enabled modem, 2x16 LCD, push buttons, attractive enclosure, power supply and a wall cube, FCC approved, ready to ship to customers. The device comes with a powerful software toolkit, providing access to all the UIB’s hardware, and allowing configuration from a touch-tone phone.

Akumeka Technology

Akumeka Technlogy builts embedded computers, custom Workstations, servers and rackmounts systems running the many flavors of Linux and windows operating systems. They also do instrumentation and data-acquisition hardware and programming.

Alta Technology

Alta Technology is a leader in High Performance Embedded Technology. Using Linux with the Alpha or PentiumII processor, Alta has the fastest Single Board Computer in the embedded market and also carries many PMC peripherals for Linux.


Ampro is the leading manufacturer of highly integrated, embedded-PC single-board computers and is company that invented the PC/104, PC/104-Plus, and EBX standards and founded the PC/104 Consortium. Ampro's embedded-PC SBCs and expansion modules are optimized for fixed, portable, and mobile environments. Ampro has made a corporate commitment to supporting Linux for both disk-based and diskless operation on all of its current and new products.

Arbor Tech.

Arbor Technology is an international manufacturer of industrial board level products for standard platforms such as PC/104, ISA and PCI-bus. Arbor is highly specialized in development and production of industrial computer boards ranging from deeply embedded 386 up to high performance Pentium II/III systems. Linux tests reports for all CPU boards are available upon request. Full product line consists of Single Board Computers (SBCs), PC/104 Modules, Flat Panel Solutions, Rackmount Chassis, Embedded and Wallmount Chassis.


Axis provides a developer board for third-party developers who wish to use their technology. It is based on the Axis ETRAX100 processor, and runs a Linux port based on the 2.0 kernel and the uClinux NO_MM patches. Drivers for serial ports, parallell ports, I2C EEPROM, DS1302 timekeeper and general I/O for the developer board are available. Expected availability is Q2, 2000.

Bright Star Engineering

Bright Star Engineering's ipEngine-1 is a credit-card sized single board computer with embedded Linux support. It utilizes a PowerPC based CPU and provides an array of on-board peripherals including Ethernet, LCD/Video Controller, USB, Serial I/O and a 16K gate user-configurable FPGA. BSE's embedded Linux configuration allows booting Linux from the ipEngine's on-board 4MB flash memory.


Linux has been ported to the BVME4000 and BVME6000, 68040 and 68060 based 6U VMEbus Single Board Computers (SBC). These SBCs are full featured boards and include two IndustryPack sites for extending the capanilites of the base board. An expansion connector provides an additional four Industry Pack sites via a mating carrier board.


CalibriTM-133, is a ready to use, compact multipurpose network appliance with embedded Linux OS.  It offers a highly efficient and low cost solution to all your firewall, VPN and routing demands.

Cell Computing

Cell Computing designs and manufactures the CardPC and Plug-n-Run micro-motherboards.  These ultra-compact modules combine an Intel mobile Pentium CPU and Chipset, graphics, Super I/O, up to 256 MB memory, plus Phoenix BIOS.  CardPC (85.6 x 54 x 12.7 mm, ISA expansion) or Plug-n-Run (127.5 x 76 x 12mm, PCI expansion) are ideal for small, mobile, or embedded systems, instrumentation and other size-constrained Linux-based applications.


CompuLab introduces the 486Core - highly integrated credit card size SBC with on board FLASH disk, ethernet controller and a rich set of features. Runs Linux and additional OSes. Available in a wide range of configurations. Price starts at US$98.


Dynatem provides the DRC1, is a single-slot 6U VMEbus board which supports up to 220 MB of bootable IDE Flash with Pentium II processor support up to 366 MHz. Available in operating temperature range of -40°/+85°C and rugged.  Their C6560 6U cPCI processor board is a complete PentiumII single-slot solution with rear I/O access.  Available in commercial and conduction-cooled versions. They also offer a 3U cPCI processor, the C3550.  All of these products have full Linux Redhat support.


EMAC offers a full line of Linux-compatible single-board PC's in PC-104 and other standard embedded form factors, in 386 through Pentium II strengths, as well as Linux-compatible PC-104 expansion cards and flash drives.  EMAC will pre-install standard or Real-Time Linux on a hard drive or M-Systems DiskOnChip free of charge with purchase of any single-board computer.


embedded planet has created a PostPC era computer that comes loaded with MontaVista's HardHat linux. Powered by a PowerPC based computing engine and matching I/O card, Linux Planet comes in a colorful translucent case with a touchscreen and access to digital and analog I/O.


Eurotech provides embedded pc SBC and sponsores ET-Linux, a complete Linux system designed to run on small industrial computers, in order to run on their own computers. ET-Linux, The system is based on glibc 2.1.2.

Hunt Engineering

Hunt Engineering provides scalable signal & image processingsystems for applications like data acquisition, industrial inspection, RADAR, SONAR  and communications.  Most systems include real-world I/O (camera interfaces, sensor interfaces etc) to enable them to operate in the real world, in real time. Linux Drivers available for most boards from 3rd party developers under the GNU public licence.


JUMPtec has a vairety of embedded PC's in different form factors: PC/104 / Slot CPU, Dimm PC (that's a sub credit card sized card-pc as shown on "wearables.stanford.edu" the smallest web server in the world. which runs linux )

Microprocess Ingenierie

Microprocess develops, produces and sells standard and customized products for the industrial and embedded market. Microprocess has a global activity in the real time software and a great expertise in systems integration. Products, for example a 740 PowerPC compactPCI board, can be ordered with a standard distribution of LINUX or an embedded LINUX version.


MPL develops, produces, delivers and supports Industrial PC's for application where one ore more of the following features are important low power, extended temperature, Shock & Vibration.  The products can be ordered with a standard distribution of LINUX or a special LINUX versions. The PIP (Packaged Industrial PC) Concept allows the user to mount the PIP on a DIN-Rail or a wall, connect standard avail. cables and the system is ready to operate (Snap-on & Work). The units includes features (in addition to the standard PC features) such as 4 serial lines, CAN, optional on board SCSI and/or Ethernet, PC/104 expansion possibilities, DC input and more. Please look at their web where you will see a PIP5 with LINUX as OS acting as web server for MPL AG.

Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay is releasing their NETtel 2520 and NETtel 2500 range of Linux based Internet routers. These small, easy to connect intelligent router solutions are engineered to offer a simple, secure, and affordable extranet-friendly Virtual Private Network (VPN) for flat networks. The NETtel router family runs an embedded Linux kernel. A development kit is available which enables customized code to be stored in flash memory and executed inside the NETtel. The code could be special encryption or authentication protocols or some local monitoring script where NETtel is used as a remote control device. The developer partner price for a NETtel is under $200.


VersaLogic's Pentium-class SBC is Linux-compatible. The VSBC-6 accepts Socket 7processors up to 400 MHz. Features include EBX compliance, video, flat panel BIOS support, Ethernet, PC/104-Plus expansion, DiskOnChip flash, industrial I/O, and USB. The board is available in OEM quantities (not for single-unit purchases). The VSBC-6 also runs Real Time Linux by Zentropix.


WinSystems designs and manufacturers a wide range of solutions for harsh industrial applications. Their LBC series of embedded single board computers (SBCs) support Linux and are used as standalone controllers or can be expanded with PC/104 or STD Bus modules. All WinSystems' embedded PCs offer a standard PC-compatible platform at a fraction of the cost of custom designs with additional features such as small size, low power and extended temperature operation.


Ziatech Corporation is a leading innovator of Applied Computing solutions for Telecommunications, Industrial Automation and Internet applications. They supply OEMs with solutions ranging from SBCto fully integrated systems designed for mission critical applications. they offer a comprehensive array of compactPCIand STD 32 solutions,including CompactNET, the industry's CompactPCI multiprocessing solution for Linux.

Motorola CG

Motorola Computer Group is a world's leading supplier of embedded computing platforms to OEMs for use in telecommunications, imaging and industrial automation applications worldwide. MCG provides solutions by combining its advanced design engineering capability with responsive, world-class manufacturing operations. MCG now offers embedded linux support


Octagon Systems Corp. is a large manufacturer of embedded PC computers for the -40* to 85* C environment. Located in Westminster, CO, Octagon has made rugged computers since 1981. The company provides high reliability, PC-based solutions for a wide variety of applications including transportation, medical, industrial control, and COTS.


SYNERGY Microsystems runs SMP Linux On a Quad-G3-433 VME Board. "This is the first time this level of performance has been achieved, and the first time Linux has been offered on a VMEbus single board computer. " February 26, 1999
  Hardware Projects


The immediate goal of the project is to enable interested parties to build inexpensive, PPC-based Linux boxes from IBM's reference plans. In the longer term, they hope to expand the open-source ideals expressed in the GPL to hardware projects, primarily motherboards.

  Flash Eproms

Memory Technology Device

Memory Technology Device (MTD) Subsystem for Linux, David Woodhouse is working on a generic Linux subsystem for memory devices, especially Flash devices. The aim of the system is to make it simple to provide a driver for new hardware, by providing a generic interface between the hardware drivers and the upper layers of the system.


M-SYS Produces DiskOnChip, a small flash eprom from 2 to 128Mo. The m-sys driver is a binary patch over kernel 2.0.33 to 2.2.X No sources yet availables, but David Woodhouse is working on a driver for linux with the help from M-SYS

PC Engines

PC Engines provides a CompactFlash to IDE Converter


Sandisk produces flash eprom which are ide compatible.


TAPR provides a CompactFlash to IDE Converter


Linux Lab

The Linux lab project is intended to help people with development of data collection and process control software for LINUX. It should be in understood as software and knowledge pool for interested people and application developers dealing with this stuff in educational or industrial environment.It is planned to provide a standarized development environment for a wide variety of applications from hardware support to application development.Everything that has to do with data aquisition, process control, laboratory automation and data analysis is welcome as contribution to this project.
ATVME A driver for the PC/AT-to-Vme interface ATVME interface consisting of the ATADA and the ITVME 6 interface cards. The hardware is distibuted by the WIENER , Plein Baus GmbH / Germanycompany (http://www.wiener-d.com/atvme.htm)
BIT3 vmehb is a loadable device driver. It gives the access to the VME bus spaces in a general way. Of interest for Linux users of VME equipment. Suitable for Data Triggering, Slow Control and Data Acquisition of any experiment equipped with VME hardware. The distribution contains all necessary info, readme & manual to install and use the driver.
CAMAC Kernel driver for CC16 and DBCC CAMAC controller cards. A simple CAMAC shell is included. Drivers for other CAMAC controllers (Hytech, Jorway, CAEN) are in different phases of preparation.
CAN CAN aka Controller Area Network Bus diver for Linux
GPIB The Linux GPIB Package is a support package for usual GPIB (IEEE 488.1) hardware. The driver support National Instruments AT-GPIB, TNT488.2, PCII and PCIIa boards. Many other boards as the pcIIa clones from Computer Boards may also be supported. The package contains a complete development environment with testing and confuguration tools, libraries and tcl and python language support.
PCIVME A driver for the Wiener PCI-to-Vme interface PCIVME consisting of Vme master VMEMM and PCIADA interface card (see wiener-d.com).


Bitbus for Linux Homepage. The packages provides a module kernel driver for ipc900 card, shared libs and utilities



High Speed Point-to Point Interface Cards: The DVB Master provides a general-purpose, half-duplex point-to-point link capable of transmitting data between two computers at a sustained rate of 270 Mbits/sec. (memory to memory transfer). By requiring only 0.5% of the bandwidth for overhead, this HOTLink protocol ensures almost all of the bandwidth can be used productively. The resulting throughput can reach the actual maximum of 33.6 Mbytes/sec. This high rate can be achieved through a single coaxial cable over a distance of 200-meters (650-ft.). This capability makes the DVB Master ideal for pumping data/images/video between systems at higher rates than can be achieved using ATM (155 MBPS), FDDI (100 MBPS) or 100 BaseT Ethernet (100 MBPS).

Connect Tech

Connect Tech Inc. is a leading manufacturer of multi-port serial adapters for ISA, PCI, USB and PC/104 bus compatible computers. Connect Tech offers the DFlex-4/104, a compact, standard multi-port serial adapter for PC/104 compatible systems. The DFlex-4/104 board uses Serial Line Interface Module (SLIM) technology to provide different electrical interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485/422, RS-423 and 20mA Current Loop on the same board. As hardware requirements change within the application, the user may field upgrade the board with the appropriate SLIM. You can install multiple DFlex-4/104 boards in a system to accommodate large multi-user or multi-channel I/O requirements. Port addresses and interrupt lines are jumper selectable.


Crystalfontz manufactures economical, feature-packed serial interface (RS-232 and SPI) LCD character display modules. Currently they supply a 16x2 and a 20x4 character display, plus a bracket for mounting the 20x4. These displays feature a larger character height than most displays, which makes them easier to read from a larger distance, a bright and adjustable backlight, "gapless" horizontal bar graphs, and a full complement of other features

Matrix Orbital

Matrix Orbital manufactures a line of serial LCDs and VFDs which many Linux users are using in their embedded systems.  The product line ranges from 8x2 to 40x4 character LCDs, 20x2 and 20x4 VFDs, plus a 240x64 graphic LCD (128x128 on the way).  Communication with the displays is accomplished via either RS232 or I2C, both of which are standard on all of their modules.  A comprehensive command set is included in the modules' BIOS.  Features such as software controlled contrast and backlight control, 3 types of bar graphs, large digits and auto line wrap and scroll make the displays easy to use, with a very short learning curve. Also available are single and double height drive bay insert models for easy mounting into towers and other enclosures.


Linux On Laptop

This is an index of information and documentation of interest to those who now use or are considering using the Linux operating system on a notebook or laptop computer.



3iLinux has developed a Universal Internet Box (UIB), allowing companies and individuals to develop their own applications by adding just standards Linux software. Hardware consists of 386 processor, one LAN adapter, one SLIC-enabled modem, 2x16 LCD, push buttons, attractive enclosure, power supply and a wall cube, FCC approved, ready to ship to customers. The device comes with a powerful software toolkit, providing access to all the UIB’s hardware, and allowing configuration from a touch-tone phone.

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