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2000-03-08 "The Embedded Linux Consortium provides a valuable resource in advancing the growing use of Linux in embedded applications, an area where Linux can provide enormous benefit," said Linus Torvalds, the creator of the highly popular open source computer operating system that evolved out of Unix. more...

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Linux ?    Why embedding linux ? Introduction. Linux in embedded systems.
LEM    LEM is a small i386 linux distribution -8 Mo- which provides full network and X Server.
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Doc, Faq    How to Embed Linux ? , Embedded linux Frequently asked questions
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Hardware    Different hardware providers embedding and giving support for linux
SBC, PC104 , Hardware Projects , Busses , Flash Eproms , Accessories , Laptop , Misc.
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Embedded Linux Distributions , RealTime Linux , Embedded Tools , Tiny - small distributions , Tuning , Misc.
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