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EmLinux is a Contract Software Product Development and Consulting company with experience in telecommunications and networking products based primarly on embedded Linux systems.The principal architect, Joel Williams, has provided senior level consulting service to major companies through venture capital funded start-ups for over fifteen years.


This portal site features a broad spectrum of EMBEDDED -oriented Linux topics -- including news, articles, events, links, jobs, polls, an interactive forum, and product information -- all exclusively focused on using Linux in embedded applications. A wealth of information is provided about single-board computers, chips, tools, support, and both commercial and non commercial real-time and small-footprint Linux distributions for embedded applications.

Linux Lab

The Linux lab project is intended to help people with development of data collection and process control software for LINUX. It should be in understood as software and knowledge pool for interested people and application developers dealing with this stuff in educational or industrial environment.It is planned to provide a standarized development environment for a wide variety of applications from hardware support to application development.Everything that has to do with data aquisition, process control, laboratory automation and data analysis is welcome as contribution to this project.

Linux PPC

LinuxPPC.org is the official home of the Linux/PPC project, the native port of Linux to the PowerPC processor. Linux/PPC runs natively on PCI-based Apple PowerMacs, many IBM & Motorola PReP and CHRP workstations, Amiga Power-UP systems and several embedded platforms including the Motorola MBX and RPX. The kernel supports multiple processors (SMP), which works on some Power Macs and certain 4-CPU IBM RS/6000 computers.

Linux Terminal Server Project

Linux makes a great platform for deploying diskless workstations that boot from a network server. The LTSP is an open source project, creating the administration tools that will make setting up a diskless workstation easier.

Oliver Xymoron

The first in time site about embedded linux hosts the best embedded linux expertmailing list

VMELinux Project

The VMELinux Project's goal is to make Linux a sensible alternative for embedded VMEbus application. This project's primary offering is the Kernel Level Linux Device Driver that interfaces between the Unix Shell environment and the VMEbus. The driver is compatible with the Tundra Universe PCI-VME bridge integrated circuit. Thus, our driver only supports VMEbus boards with a PCI local bus. Testing was accomplished with a Xycom Pentium board.

  Hardware Projects


The immediate goal of the project is to enable interested parties to build inexpensive, PPC-based Linux boxes from IBM's reference plans. In the longer term, they hope to expand the open-source ideals expressed in the GPL to hardware projects, primarily motherboards.

  Embedded Hardware, Ports

Linux Ports

's incredible list off all linux ports.

DSP Shell Project

The Linux DSP Shell Project aims to provide a high-level interface to various DSP functions. The final aim of this project will be to allow developers of DSP solutions the ability to use scripts to prototype and test their algorithms. This should allow for shorter development time, and a faster testing cycle. To date, the DSP Shell project has produced an XVL shell(limited functionality) to illustrate the power of this concept.

  Linux Misc

Linux On Laptop

This is an index of information and documentation of interest to those who now use or are considering using the Linux operating system on a notebook or laptop computer.

  Embedded Misc


EG3 Is the largest online free resource in electronics, it covers all major keywords in the board-level, embedded, realtime, smart (internet-enabling) and mcu/mpu markets



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