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Linux ?    Why embedding linux ? Introduction. Linux in embedded systems.

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2000-02-20 Rick Lehrbaum's (Ampro, linuxdevices.com) white paper more...

Linux Journal & Joel R. Williams's excellent article gives an overview of embedded systems and demonstrates what is involved in using Linux in a commercial embedded system.

LinuxWorld Today correspondant Rob Kay interviewed Zentropix CEO Jim Norton at 1999/08's LinuxWorld Conference in San Jose
"Spotlight on Zentropix Real Time Linux"

CMP NET EETimes, July 26, 1999,  article
"Open source code smooths RTOS design" James F. Ready, President and CEO, MontaVista Software Inc., Cupertino, Calif.

ELECTRONIC DESIGN, June 13, 1999 article:
"Linux Is A Great Prototyping Tool For Embedded-Hardware Designs, Try Developing Your Hardware And Software In Parallel By Taking Advantage Of A Public-Domain Operating System."

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